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About: .Is there a particular Silverchair song, video clip, picture or article you can't find?
This is a community made for helping each other find that special something missing from your collection. .You must be a member to view and post in this community. Rules:
.All posts must be friends locked.
If you forget to lock it the mod will remind you once and give you a day, if it's still not locked the post will be deleted.
.Please use yousendit.com or sendspace.com, as these give everyone a chance at the file and keep the uploader from having to mail the same file multiple times.
.Do not request or upload easily available tracks (i.e. songs from albums, single A-sides etc). Posts with such requests/uploads will be deleted. This community is not here for you to save money; buy the albums and singles. If you're not sure what is allowed then please ask.
.Help with the uploading. It is after all a sharing-community, and if you don't share then why should anyone else? ;)
.Put all requests in new posts. This way everyone gets a chance to help with the upload and those who don't have that file can see it, too. It also helps keep the community more organized and easier to use.
.Check earlier posts before making a new request. Yousendit.com files last for 7 days or 25 downloads.
.What can be uploaded/requested:
Silverchair, The Dissociatives, Tambalane(if anyone can find anything), Daniel, Ben, Chris solo/collaborations, as well as anything the boys get up to in the future. Links: